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Circle B Livestock

Circle B Livestock LLC is a family owned and operated business with emphasis in raising top quality cattle, horses, and working dogs. Our selective breeding, by the use of artificial insemination and embryo transfer have allowed us to use and produce elite genetics with the customer in mind. Here at Circle B Livestock LLC, our goal is to strive and produce livestock with style, correctness, and function that is needed to be competitive nationwide.

Our cowherd is the pride of the operation here at Circle B Livestock LLC. It consists of mainly Registered Angus, Simmental, Sim-Angus, as well as a club calf division. The calves produced and sold for breeding stock are bred for low to moderate birth and high growth. Many of the Angus and Sim-Angus bulls sold are suitable for first time heifers. We strive on maintaining good feet and legs, disposition, udders, and fertility in our cowherd.

The working horses and dogs here at Circle B Livestock LLC have played a major role in the growth of our cowherd. Both are pivotal tools in everyday use for our program and over time have developed into top quality genetics that can compete nationally in the show pen. Through a life long passion and many personnel goals we strive to produce not only horses and dogs that can show but be used daily on the working ranch.